ENLITE - Your partner for a successful energy transition!

ENLITE is an evolving consulting company for management and technology based in Berlin and Hamburg. We have been a reliable partner for executives of the energy industry in Germany since 2004. Renowned companies shaping the market have been among our clients for many years.

Energiesparlampe / Glühbirnen


Heiko Birkholz

Management Engineer

“The dynamic of the energy transition project presents the actors of the electricity market with risks and opportunities alike.”

Line Goerens

Management Engineer

“People with different characters often interact in one project. Even the best strategy therefore requires an operational management to ensure that the strategy is put into practice and the project is successful especially in the long run.”

Christian Junkert

Management Engineer

“An ever increasing global competition makes the sustainability of a company strategy essentially significant for the efficiency of the company.”

Hendrik Langer

Management Engineer

“Process management increases the organizational transparency and lays out the responsibilities in a clearly structured form.”

Dr. Georgios Ziogos

Management Engineer

“The heavily yield-oriented utilization of assets has been gaining in importance.”

Claus Einerhand

Project Engineer

“The interface management of major projects requires tight scheduling coordination as well as active communication with all participants.”

Monika Minx

Project Controls

“We ensure a fast and smooth implementation of all tasks by tightly organized work procedures and extensive communication within our team.”

Bert Heinrich

CEO, Management Consultant

“Our standard at ENLITE: First class working results inspiring our clients time and again. Passion, agility and confidence are the hallmarks of our actions.”

Mathias Nähring

Project Engineer

“The utilization of intelligent metering systems holds synergy potentials for all market participants and is an important component of the energy transition.”

Evelyne Egger

Personal Manager

“Our corporate culture: ‘one cannot tie a knot with one hand – success is the result of good teamwork.’ Our motto: ‘integration means taking someone by the hand without clinging to it and letting go without abandoning him.’”

Philipp Wedhorn

Management Engineer

“Integrated management systems are the centerpiece of an effective and efficient planning, control and monitoring of the corporate executive and procedures organization.”

Jan-Paul Kupser

Management Engineer

“The digitalization of the energy industry is a major opportunity for companies in change to stay competitive and successfully manage the energy transition.”

Arne Ullmann

Management Consultant

“The energy market has the mandate to always look ahead and be reliable. Now however flexibility has become a critical factor in all business processes. That is the challenge ENLITE can help you with!”

Paul Hinterberger

Project Engineer

“A clear vision, communication and working together closely is the the basis for success in projects. The ability to motivate and our persistance to achieve high quality makes ENLITE the right partner for you.”

Max Schenkluhn

Project Engineer

“The coupling of sectors by means of Power-To-Heat, Power-To-Gas and Power-To-Liquid it is possible to create synergies which help create a save, sustainable and efficient energy supply.”

Jan Nagel

Management Engineer

“We meet project specific challenges with a highly motivated team that benefits from years of experience, has high quality standards and has the ability to flexibly incorporate the clients’ specific requirements.”

Daniel Büdel

Project Engineer

“Simplifying complicated issues and formulating pithy treatment options for executives built the core of our work. What makes us unique is the combination of process-specific consulting and efficient project implementation.”

Preferred Partner

As executive of the energy industry, ENLITE places you at the center of all activities. We are your partner and competently assist you in dealing with the Energiewende (energy transition). We offer you high-quality holistic consulting services with an emphasis on technology and a tangible benefit. Long-term customer relations underline our high standards for reliability, competence and flexibility.


Intelligente Lösungen für die Energiewirtschaft

Intelligent Solutions for the Energy Industry

From take-over of operational project work such as the manning of project offices and developing energy concepts to strategic questions such as digitalizing the energy industry: We develop intelligent solutions in a joint effort and assist you from the first conception to its implementation and beyond. Our certified project managers assist you in the following areas:

Tailor-made Expertise for your Projects

We place high demands on our services and always seek to find the best solution for our clients. Our interdisciplinary ENLITE team offers you highly professional consulting and engineering expertise.

Cooperations with student-run consulting companies enable us to always work according to the latest developments and methods in our projects. As curator, ENLITE supports the Company Consulting Team Association (CCT) with trainings and project sponsorships. At the Berlin Campus Project Association (BCPro), we take part in academic research projects, dissertations as well as lectures.

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